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Torq - v 1.0.6 Mac

RELEASE NOTES for TORQ v1.0.6 1/11/2008: In short, this is an important update for ALL USERS! This also brings Macintosh and Windows users to the same version of Torq. This update provides functional fixes, corrects implementation of “intuitive” behaviors, and solves issues with certain cases of instability or usability. Many issues reported via the “Torq Forums – http://www.torq-dj.com ” are fixed – THANK YOU to those who cooperated on uncovering these issues. * General Fixes will be found in the following sections: Playlist, Browser, Sampler, QuickScratch, Looping, Effects, Sync, Master Tempo, Snapshots, and MORE! Below is a select list of specific fixes. * Cue lights on Xponent no longer remain on if unanalyzed track is loaded into a deck. * Xponent ghost icon removed from prefs when not connected * Rapid Cue presses no longer has audio swell * In bar mode: when deck “X” is synced to deck “Y,” less than 1 measure loops in deck “Y” will no longer cause deck X to stutter. * Fixes FX and Samples not loading in Torq 1.0.5 Vista. * Database will now show a dialog when loading a database instead of Hourglassing or Beachballing * Fixed BPM source, control and manual entry issues, including while using Line In audio. * Improved small loop functionality (Does not break loop when speed adjust slider is moved. No longer allows loops past 1024 notes.) Fixed comment fields. * Fixed issues with Sync – including Master Tempo, Sample Playback, and Loop integration. * Fixed issues with Quick Scratch loading, Looping, and behavior. * Fixed issues with MIDI mapping, including channel memory for Snapshots, and an unusual crash when using MIDI to trigger Max Waveform View. * Fixed issues with saving/loading presets and banks across effects, samplers and VSTs. * Fixes issue with XPonent Progress LEDs and other LED state retention issues. * Fixed issue with using XPonent Scratch Wheel while engaging Fast Forward or Rewind causing erratic behavior. * Fixed issues with Confirmation Dialogs not appearing.

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